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New York Online Sports Betting – News and Updates on Sports Betting Legislation

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Are you currently a New York based sports bettor and fan who wants to be able to easily place bets on your smartphone, tablet computer or computer? Well then we’ve got good news — sports gambling legislation has been worked on as you read this!
But we need your help to push the legalization of mobile and internet sports betting in New York across the finish line!
All you have to do in order to give your voice to the legalization of mobile and online sports gambling in New York will be complete the form below, which will let your New York lawmakers know that you want her to attract legal cellular and online sports gambling on New York.
Much like Pennsylvania, New York is off to a rocky start at the new universe of sports gambling in the United States. Despite the collapse of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) at May 2018, New York doesn’t currently have any legal sports gambling operators up and running. Meanwhile, nearby New Jersey started taking bets in June 2018, and sportsbooks have also launched in Delaware, West Virginia and Mississippi.
In 2013, New York passed a law that legalized sports gambling at four of its casinos, yet this bill lay dormant as a result of existence of PASPA. After the fall of PASPA, legislation for complete scale-sports gambling in New York was tabled, but surprisingly, it failed to pass in 2018. New York lawmakers are trying to get legislation passed in 2019, but is running into complications coming to some consensus on details. The major roadblock is allowing mobile/online sports betting.
In the meantime, we are pleased to be your primary source for New York sports gambling news and information! Check back often as we will have more New York sports gambling content on RotoGrinders, including updates on legislation and regulations, and New York online sportsbook reviews.
New York Casino and Racetrack Sportsbook Operators
Casino/Racetrack Sportsbook Sports Betting Service Provider Establish Date
Del Lago Resort & Casino TBD DraftKings TBD
Resorts World Catskills TBD TBD TBD
Rivers Casino & Resort TBD Kambi TBD
Tioga Downs Casino TBD The FanDuel Group TBD
New York Sports Betting Legislative Landscape
Legal sports betting from New York is now in flux. The statehouse didn’t pass a statement in 2018, but discussions have been in full swing in 2019, but being hauled with details, mainly the addition of online/mobile wagering.
Here’s a brief picture of New York’s legislative arena as it pertains to sports gambling:
Sports betting is technically legal in the New York’s four upstate Industrial casinos, Just like the fall of PASPA, there is no more a legal barrier
Regardless of the legality of sports betting, New York lawmakers have failed to agree on an upgraded and enlarged bill
Moreover, the NYS Gambling Commission has yet to proceed with regulations, though the group says it is ready to act quickly once a law is put into place A sizable group of New York lawmakers wants to fulfill the professional sports leagues’ request for integrity fees — which is among the main reasons for slow legislative progress
2 seperate, however, similar statements have been filed, one in the senate, one in the home.
Beneath the Addabo/Pretlow bill, online sports gambling will be permitted with a third party working under a licensed New York Casino. DraftKings and FanDuel will be the biggest beneficiaries of the bill.
Also under precisely the exact same invoice, would enable for New York City casinos to allow sports gambling.
Licenses would cost $15 million (the biggest we have seen in the united states so far) but would be taxed in a modest 8.5%.
Integrity fees to professional sports leagues is also holding up progress. It could be the first nation to possess integrity fees, and could be 0.2percent of total gambling handle. That is different than gain, and could amount to a lot of money coming out of casino profit.
Some legislators think that the country would need to add an amendment to the state constitution to allow for sports betting online, but others believe its only an improvement to an existing game. This will either have to be answered by the Governors office, or even at the courts.
New York is $2.3 billion brief on their funding for the upcoming fiscal year, which may make sports gambling an extremely popular subject in the coming months.
New York’s Sports Betting History
As with every other state except Nevada, New York’s sports betting history starts with PASPA. Outside of horseracing, there’s never been sports gambling from New York state.
In 2009, Senator Eric Adams introduced New York’s first sports betting bill, S 6061. Adams’ suggested that sports gambling be allowed in the state’s racetracks and off-track betting teams. Unfortunately, the bill stalled.
New York revisited sports betting at 2011, when three similar bills have been introduced: S 3708 by Adams, A 10464 by Assemblyman David Weprin and S 7401 by Senator Tony Avella. Once more, not one of the bills gained complete support.
2013 was a big season for sports gambling in New York. The state held a referendum through 2013’s vote, asking voters to pass on a sports gambling change that would permit its four new upstate casinos to offer a wide selection of sports betting. 57% of voters supported the amendment, and it passed.
Sports gambling bills didn’t fare so well in 2013, however, as new bills were introduced, gained moderate traction, but ultimately collapsed.
Since DFS players know, 2015 and 2016 were messy decades for New York and sports gambling. The country decided to have a closer look at the legality of DFS, putting the onus on Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. The AG decided that like sports betting, DFS was contrary to New York state legislation, and arranged DraftKings and FanDuel to stop operations in the nation. Even though New York went on to pass dream sports legislation in 2016, every sports gambling bill that was introduced, or re-introduced, once again postponed.
2018 attracted more of the exact same for New York and sports betting. Despite the autumn of PASPA, which opened the door to legal sports betting in New York, the country is still stuck trying to agree upon sports gambling legislation so the NYS Gaming Commission can put forth regulations to the business. Sports gambling legislation talks are heating up in 2019, with hopes of sports betting beginning this year, but New York does seem to have a very long road ahead with much to be discussed including ethics penalties, online/mobile wagering and expanding to casinos in nyc.
New York Sports Betting FAQs
When did it become legal to bet on sports in New York?
Sports gambling became legal in New York on May 14, 2018, the day the US Supreme Court struck down PASPA. New York had previously amended state law in 2013, when a statewide sports gambling referendum gained 57% of voter service and has been set into legislation Despite being entirely legal in at least four of New York’s upstate casinos, there are currently no active sports gambling operators in New York.
Where can I put a sports bet from New York?
There are currently no active sports gambling operators at New York. These are the casinos and racinos that may offer sports gambling in a lifetime:
Del Lago Resort & Casino
Resorts World Catskills
Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady
Tioga Downs Casino
What sports can I bet on in New York?
Bets will most likely be accepted for all professional sports and collegiate sports.
What sorts of bets can I earn in New York?
As New York has yet to pass sports gambling legislation, which in turn means the NYS Gambling Commission isn’t able to make regulations, this is now unknown. But it’s reasonable to expect These sports bets to be permitted, once New York gets its ducks in a row:
Exchange wagering
Straight wagers
Given that both DFS and sports gambling are lawful in New York, will we find any hybrid games offered in the not too distant future?
Like in New Jersey, where Resorts and DraftKings are partners, and The FanDuel Group is aligned with Meadowlands Racetrack for sports betting, the sports gambling and DFS worlds have collided in New York. DraftKings has an arrangement in place with Del Lago, and also The FanDuel Group has formed a partnership with Tioga Downs.
Contrary to New Jersey, these partnerships aren’t yet busy, as New York lawmakers have not yet agreed on sports gambling legislation.
As we said about New Jersey, though, it’s a foregone conclusion that we eventually see DFS-sports gaming hybrid matches in New York. In regards to The Athletic to get a current article (paywall), Rotogrinders’ very own Cal Spears mused about the Type of crossover contests that might be offered, and the reasons why DraftKings and FanDuel are those to do it:
“Say, on a Sunday, you create 15 different NFL bets, but you also make them against 100,000 other people,” Spears said. “Sort of like a parlay, but against others. If you pick the Patriots (like a 7-point favorite), you strike for 1 point, but if you choose their opponent (like a 7-point underdog) you get 7 points. Then add the points up. That’s a really complex thing to do, since you’ve got 100,000 concurrent users hitting on your server, making groups, hitting your database but (DraftKings and FanDuel) are already setup to do that. I think that they might have an advantage running different formats that other people would struggle to justify writing the first line of code ”

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