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Houston Astros reach World Series with win over New York Yankees

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Their place has been reserved by the Houston Astros in baseballs World Series.
The Astros won to secure a series victory.
Theyll confront National League winners that the Washington Nationals in the World Series, which begins on Tuesday in Houston.
Itll be the second look in theFall Classic in three seasons for the Astros, who had been both the 2017 champions.
With the score 4-4 in the bottom of the ninth innings, second baseman Jose Altuve hit on a two-run walk-off home run away Yankees relief pitcher Aroldis Chapman to clinch the AL pennant and spark wild parties at Houstons Minute Maid Park.
By beating the St Louis Cardinals, the Washington Nationals attained the World Series for the first time.
Its the Nationals first World Series appearance. A Washington staff did reach the World Series in 1924 – and is the Minnesota Twins.
Check out the BBC Sport Live Guide for details of the forthcoming live game on the BBC.
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