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2019 Review – Sports Betting and Casino Games

We’re excited to create an account at first glance. We hit their website and saw their game bonus offer at which you could receive up to $500 for both their sportsbook and casino.
They were also advertising they accept Bitcoin and if you utilize Bitcoin, you’re eligible to get faster, free, and larger payouts, as well as a bigger deposit bonus.
They also have been in business for 20 decades, which is typically a good sign. It’s difficult for a scummy company to be in business that long. Finally, word gets around, and people stop using them.
Those are a few of the advantages. But, is not without their downsides.
For example, they don’t have the best reputation. Among the issues they had about 15 decades back was so bad that the owner could’ve warranted filing bankruptcy.
And lately there were reports of a few players having their funds withheld. 1 player had up to $24,000 withheld for reasons BetDSI could not even provide evidence for.
As such, their standing and ratings have plummeted across betting websites and forums online.
Does that mean that they’re not safe to join, however?
That is hard to say. You can make an argument that you ought to avoid them at all costs. However, we could also argue that they are safe enough to join however that you need to exhaust all your other choices before coming due to the increased risk.
We are going to talk about this in our review under. As always, we cover both the good and the bad that we find so you could make a educated decision regarding where you should invest your hard-earned money. is no exception.

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