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Bryony Frost Q&A: Graham Clark talks to the Grade One winning jockey

Graham Clark talks to Grade One-winning jockey Bryony Frost concerning the coming season and her career.
She won the conditional jockeys championship last season, hit the headlines by Frodon in Cheltenham in March and has emerged among the most talked-about young riders in the sport, so listening to Bryony Frosts views on life and racing in general is fun and informative:
You simply can not represent that sort of feeling when you cross the line. You dont understand where the line is, but heads begin to disappear and all I have is Frodons earsflat back, his mane in my head and all Ive seen is just a blur of green and somewhere up there is the lineup and thats all we are going to. It is crossed by you and also the entire world disappears for a second. You do not acknowledge where youre, what race it is is him and hes been. It was only a joyful moment – that.
We stopped at the services on the way home for a coke and a hamburger and I had a note on such car that said,we saw it to the telly, which was class, things like that. They also took the time to write a note, although I have not got a clue who they were. You here a few wicked stories. If I see how I see these guys and the reason Im doing it and can let people in my world a tiny bit, thats mega for me. We live to produce memories, thats all that were here for.
It is the Hidden Object Cup. I remember watching him before using Victoria (Pendleton) believing I would just love to ride him since he is your old chap at just six oclock in the day – that is like his metaphor for man – hed have his whiskey in six, sat at a huge armchair and he would just place the entire world to rights. This was him he only looked the whole way round. That was a mega day and I thought it wouldnt get much better than that.
I wouldnt be saying that I have won Grade OnesI would not have been placed into any type of limelight if it was not for Paul and him giving me that the help along with his owners. They have been like a second family to me here. From being under the wing of those, my riding has improved endlessly.
As a jockey, your work is to increase your horses profession, thats what youre used to perform and thats the reason why you love the job, because every time you sit on a horse, if youve got a one-litre engine or a V8, youre trying to make him the very best he can be.
Ive always done . I have never attempted to design myself on anyone or copy anyone. I try to learn from anyone and everybody else – . To any child in life seeking to do anything, you have got to attempt and surround yourself with people that are good at their jobs. Surround yourself with champions if youd like to be somewhere near the top.
To come to Sandown (for the previous day of the season) was a big moment for me, I had been on 49 winners – that I really would have loved to get to 50. We knew we had the name in the bag, that was done so everybody was coming to say we have a got a fiver on Black Corton and you and I was just likeOK but he came back on tune. He put me back on cloud nine following a miserable five weeks ahead and gave me my lifes best twist. I owe a great deal to him and it was mega to get the title.
Ive always believed its remarks thatll stop you in the end of the day. Theyre not reality, and therefore you dont need to listen to them. For me, if youre good enough, then youll get the opportunities. Paul does not give me rides since Im a girl, hopefully he offers me rides since I do and carry out my instructions on track and try hard. Thats the sole reason why, not because of that I am. I cant alter it, I am a girl, thats me.
(A journalist) phoned me up and wanted to do an interview, and his first question was,girls struggle since they are not as powerful as guys and also my hackles went up instantly. I said,ask you to speak to me and Im going to give a metaphor to you. He was somewhat baffled, however, saidall right. I said,youve got a soccer player and a leading jockey, therefore name me a soccer player, he did, and I said,title me a top jockey and he saidDicky (Richard) Johnson, because he is our best one. I said OK, theyre likely to deadlift now, who is likely to raise the weight and he said,of course, the player, so I asked why he said,because hes more powerful. I said,were going to put them and straight line for a mile, who do you believe will be more tired at the end of it? . He said the rugby player because he does not know how to ride a horse and I asked,whys that, and he ummed and ahhed for a minute and said,its approach. And I said,well, I just answered your question and set the phone down .

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