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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp an ‘innovator’, says throw-in coach Thomas Gronnemark

Liverpool’s professional throw-in trainer Thomas Gronnemark says Jurgen Klopp’s revolutionary approach to management will be really build”something specific” at Anfield.
Klopp made headlines last season when he added his coaching team and Gronnemark midway.
The Dane, who holds the world record for the maximum throw-in in 51.33m, had a direct impact on the technique of this club’s full-backs – most especially Joe Gomez.
Liverpool went on to claim their sixth European Cup later that year and Gronnemark is not surprised to find that the Reds flourishing under Klopp.
“Jurgen is a innovator,” Gronnemark told The Athletic. “He’s a leader who claims that he does not understand everything and is willing to listen to individuals whenever they have knowledge to take the team forward.
“If you have a leader who wants total control and thinks he knows best about everything then will affect your employees.
“Even though you’re among the greatest clubs in the world, it doesn’t mean you’ve got to do exactly the exact identical thing as you did yesterday. You truly feel as if you are speaking with a good buddy when you meet with Jurgen. He listens a lot.
“To allow a guy into the team who was pretty much unknown in England and convey ‘we need all your knowledge to place it into the coaching programme’, that reveals a lot of confidence and excellent leadership.
“He’s very good at getting the most out of people. It’s much more egotistical in clubs. At Liverpool, there’s a satisfaction among the gamers and the staff. They feel part of something specific.
“Occasionally I’ll stop and consider the players facing me and think,’Oh, this is insane’. I’m working in a gigantic club that won the Champions League.
“InitiallyI had a contract to the first half of the year then it was extended for the next half and I have one for the complete season.
“I don’t believe many men and women are laughing now. I think most people in football seem on it and say’Alright, there must be something inside’.”

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