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Jets GM Douglas to build on ‘special bond’ with Gase

Joe Douglas was Released as the Brand New general Director in the history of the New York Jets on Tuesday.

The marriage of Douglas and Gang Green reunites that the GM with trainer Adam Gase with whom he spent a year with the Chicago Bears: Douglas as director of college scouting and Gase as offensive coordinator in 2015. It was in the Windy City where both struck up a bond which helped facilitate Douglas’ engage in New York a week.
“I’m excited to be working with Adam again following building a particular bond in Chicago,” Douglas said in his opening statement Tuesday. “We share a vision of building a team and that I look forward to partnering with him and getting this program into a place where we’re always competing for championships every single year.”
Douglas elaborated on their friendship later:”I don’t think you can talk about that connection without speaking about Chicago. … I will never forget Adam was that the man who came and reached out to me almost immediately and we struck up a friendship. He encouraged us over his house, we could share dinner, we were able to talk ball and it just was apparent from the beginning that we share a lot of the same visions about team work, about team building that was going to build a championship program.”
Additionally comfortable with his new team-building spouse, Gase told colleagues of Douglas, per the New York Daily News,”He probably enjoys my insanity a little bit.”
Douglas’ bright language about his relationship with Gase illustrates a departure from the Mike Maccagnan-Gase marriage that lasted less than four months. Gase was hired to replace fired coach Todd Bowles in January however Maccagnan was retained on, resulting in an arranged marriage that did not work out, to say the least.
When New York stopped Maccagnan after the draft, Douglas was appointed as a favorite to succeed the GM in an hour of the news breaking. Douglas, a product of this Ozzie Newsome scouting tree, was viewed among the rising general director prospects. The Jets interviewed four candidates, but fell in love with Douglas and allegedly ended up paying him twice what they initially offered on a six-year deal.
Despite turning the Jets’ initial supplies, Douglas said Tuesday that New York is where he would like to be, partly because of Gase.
“I believe my relationship with Adam played a fantastic part in this but also just the opportunity to spend quality time with (Jets owner) Christopher Johnson,” Douglas said. “I can’t tell you how special that was for me. I believe we share a lot of the exact same vision of what it takes to win. of partnership and teamwork.”
That vision includes a hunt for gamers who”never stops.” Douglas decided to emphasize the Jets’ No. 3 spot at the waiver order, stating,”We’re going to comb through every waiver wire that’s out.” He’s already made a trade, also, releasing tight conclusion Neal Sterling on Tuesday.
It was his first of many moves as the overall manager of Gang Green, most of which he said will likely be collaborative within the Jets’ centre.
“I am not a yes man and I have a lot of certainty when it comes to belief systems and gamers that I enjoy,” Douglas told NFL Network’s Kimberly Jones. “It is not just me. I expect that by everyone on our staff, scouts and trainers. Should you do the work, in case you have an opinion, we should all listen to it. In the end of the day, we ought to hash it out.
“We may not agree, but we are going to do what is best for the New York Jets.”

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